Thursday, July 14, 2016

Advancement of Technique for the Ultra-Linear Hydraulic Accumulator Energy Storage System.

People who have examined my "Ultra-Linear Hydraulic Accumulator" (ULHA) design and methodology often have asked if I have applied to the USPTO (patent office) for IP protection.  I had not, up to now, because I felt a sense of economic shortfall because of one element to this "flat ground hydro" that is a concern,  the cost of hydraulic oil.  I did not want to make a provisional patent filing for an unusable idea.

In my initial workup of this invention, I proposed the use of hydraulic oil in volume.  If you extend the ULHA for miles, you cannot help but utilize millions of gallons of oil, and regardless of price, it becomes a factor resulting in a less-economic energy storage device.  Hydraulic oil is superior in efficiency in converting a pressurized flow of liquid into rotational power and the generation of electricity, so the substitution of the most economic of all fluids, water, raises its own issues.

After much musing, I have worked out an economical modification that substitutes water, salty or fresh, for the bulk of storage volume. Yet for the conversion of pressurized fluid into rotational power, I have retained the use of hydraulic fluid and the efficiency of the motors such as Artemis Intelligent Power Digital Displacement® Technology

As soon as I file my Provisional Patent Application, I will be posting the details of my work.

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