Sunday, August 14, 2016

ARPA-E Funding Proposal Under Development: "Concept Paper" (DE-FOA-0001428)

I will be submitting a proposal to receive funding to test this form of energy storage to ARPA-E, under ARPA-E's "IDEAS" FOA (DE-FOA-0001428).  For the proposed experimental/prototype build, the parameters will target providing maximum power to a single large household for eight hours (e.g., 56KwH), with the scalable deployment of 100 households per one kilometer of my Ultra-Linear Hydraulic Accumulator (ULHA).

I already have a FOA control number from ARPA, and am working on the four page (max) "Concept Paper".  I will submit it end of August at the latest (deadline is September 28 2016).

I hope ARPA-E will fund the materials for a 1/100th version of my ULHA system.  The beauty of the ULHA system is that, unlike battery builds, there is relatively little in the way of new production activity that has to be invented.  The only constraint is the availability of the hydraulic motors from Artemis, and the availability of 1MW 440v generators.  Of course, with my test version, I only need a 7kw generator, and small Artemis motor.   Pictures of "The Build" will also help anyone following this idea to better understand how it works, as well as realize the actual $/kwh storage costs.

Still working on the USPTO filing for the "ULHA".  I am sorry if you wish to follow the advanced version of this idea, but since the USPTO is now "first to file" rather than "first to invent" I do not wish to be overtaken by some other entity which does not really believe in "open source" availability of ideas.

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